Let's replace the mailing list with discourse!


So discourse now allows users to send incoming mail to simulate a mailing list. We would need to enable incoming mail for each category separately. I think the following approach would be best:

myhdl@discoursemail.com: Uncategorized
myhdl+support@discoursemail.com: Support category

Additionally, we could also add a blanket category called discuss or something and forward myhdl@discoursemail.com to that category. Admins would still be able to change the category of any of the new topics.

After we do this, we can send out a mailing list, twitter and blog post blast and phase out the mailing list.

@cfelton @jandecaluwe


I am ok with this, I don’t think the mailing-list has been used in awhile. I assume the archives on gmane will remain? It is useful to refer back to old conversations.