Building MyHDL's discourse community

The nice folks at discourse agreed to give us a free hosted instance!

First off, we need to figure out what categories we need. This is what I have in mind so far:

  • Meta: discussion regarding
  • Support: support
  • Showcase: projects built using MyHDL
  • GSoC: discussing the current state and future direction of ongoing GSoC projects

Awesome, I am not familiar with discourse but it looks nice.

I think we should keep the categories to a minimum to start off, I assume we can add categories at anytime?

The categories you have so far sound good to me.

A Forum, finally?

All right! I’ve added the categories.

Login with google account is already setup. After we do github based login as well, we can send out a message on the mailing list and update the news to direct users here.

Keerthan, Chris,

shall we use this forum to discuss MyHDL enhancements, rather than opening an issue on