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VHDL conversion bug (resize of signed signal)?


Before submitting a bug I’d like to check my assumptions are correct.

I have the following in a design :

def AudioSample(reset_value=0, nb_bits=24):
    return intbv(0, min=-(2**(nb_bits-1)), max=2**(nb_bits-1))      # min included ; max excluded

def my_code():
    Add    = Signal(AudioSample(0, 2+len(Mul0)))
    Result    = Signal(AudioSample(0, 1+len(Add)-self.norm_size))
    RoundingValue = AudioSample(0, len(Result))
    @always_seq(i_Clk.posedge, reset=None)
    def compute_proc() :
        .... = Add[:norm_size] + RoundingValue

Part of the generated code is the following :

signal Add: signed (49 downto 0) := 50X"0000000000000";
signal Result: signed (30 downto 0) := 31X"00000000";

COMPUTE_PROC: process (i_Clk) is
    variable RoundingValue: signed(30 downto 0);
        Result <= (signed(resize(unsigned(Add(50-1 downto 20)), 31)) + RoundingValue);

The problem is in the resizing of Add signal.
I think that Add shall not be casted to unsigned before resizing. By casting Add to unsigned, the sign bit is lost during the resize.
Am I right ?



I think it is a bug. All of my work is with unsigned values (cameras) so I haven’t run into this often and if, I have probably a local work-around. E.g. I have expanded the ShadowSignal() to accept a SIGNED= parameter.





What I don’t understand is that the cast is explicitly done in conversion code ( lines 1496-1498) :

        if isinstance(node.value.vhd, vhd_signed) and isinstance(node.ctx, ast.Load):
            pre = pre + "unsigned("
            suf = ")" + suf

Does this solve problems with specific situations ?
I am reluctant at modifying MyHDL source code since my understanding is limited.




It is not clear to me, either. And this node.value.vhd stuff is tricky, indeed.
But I’m almost sure you can comment-out that piece.




That’s what I did. I then rerun the conversion of existing projects (which don’t use signed signals) and compared to preceding conversion result (that’s why I added the sort of signals and process sensitivity list). I didn’t notice any difference in the conversion result.