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Python 3.7 support / new release


As far as I understand, PR #267 and #264 fix the Python 3.7 incompatibility due to the “async” keyword.
Would it be possible to do a bugfix release on PyPI including these PR’s? I have just started to integrate myHDL in my pyfda Tool but as py 3.7 has become the default e.g. on Anaconda I guess I have to disable it again.



The patch is already on github main branch.
A new release has to be published but for some reasons, it takes more time than expected.



Thanks for your reply - then I’ll disable myHDL when pyfda is run with Py3.7.




Hello and I hope all is going well.

The next release is delayed as we try and resolve some project / logistic issues. We didn’t want to push a release to pypi/pip before we could release / update the documents, especially due to the async to isasync change to support Python 3.7.