How to get latest version of myhdl?

I was following the official MyHDL site instructions, and installed myhdl using “pip install myhdl” and “pip install --upgrade myhdl”.
As a result, I got version 0.11 which dates back to 2019 and does not work with python 3.9+(!).
I wasted many hours trying to understand what I am doing wrong until I found out this is a known issue which was already fixed 1.5 years ago. after I downgraded my python version the issue was indeed gone.
but my question is - how can I get latest release with all the fixes?

Hi Noam,

Apologies, but the PyPi is not kept up to date by the previous maintainers and I don’t have the ‘key’
You can install the master branch directly from the GutHub repository:
pip install git+
The master branch is tested against CPython 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11 and PyPy 3.9

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Oops, I copied the link from another test.
The correct command is: pip install git+
(although my fork is almost always up to date)

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Thank you very much :pray:

The release to PyPi can be done through github actions and tags.

Who do you have to talk to, to get ownership added to the PyPi account? If that isn’t possible it is possible to request it be transferred.


I reached out to our BDFL, who gave me write rights to the repositories. I asked about PyPi and he added me as a maintainer - but I haven’t figured out yet how to. Sure you will give me hand?

First thing to add is a subminor version - so we can keep track

Sure, you will need to add me as a maintainer at least, lets see if that is enough to enable it, my PyPi user id is davekeeshan

@josyb Actually that might be overkill, all I might need is PYPI_API_TOKEN and even then all I need to do is have it added to the github actions setup. I know how to generate that token though, if that is where you are stuck

What collaborator roles are available for a project on PyPI?

Our BDFL gave me maintainer rights on PyPI

I have generated a token. What next?

I am tracking the steps as an issue:

I need to get the action in, and then we need to decide on a status of the master branch we want to tag, and a list of updates between that and the previous release you want to record for prosperity

Once I have the action done (or almost done) I’ll know where exactly to set the token