MyHdl schedule?


I’d like to know if there is a schedule for MyHdl.
What is the state of github repo ? Is it usable, stable (no commit since mid july) ?
Any release date for next version ?


Yes, the master branch in github is stable. The core developers, in particular @jandecaluwe, are busy with other projects right now. The release of 1.0dev has been postponed, a release date has not been set.

@cfelton Thanks for answering. I’ll try it.

There is a substantial change/enhancement in myhdl 1.0dev (github master) it is the addition of the @myhdl.block decorator, see the MEP for details.

@cfelton I was not sure it has been merged in main repo. Thanks for mentioning it.
I’ll update the Xilinx library and the cheat sheet when it is officially supported (Version 1.0 and documentation update).

Hey Chris,

Is fixbv still potentially in scope for 1.0? Not much discussion recently.


@haunma (Mark),

No, the fixbv is not targeted for 1.0. The decision was to be more aggressive with the fixbv implementation. The original fixbv MEP outlined a fixbv type that was similar to the the intbv but had utilities to deal with fractions but the alignment and rounding had to be done manually.

After some discussions, it was decided that the converter/compiler should perform those tasks. As a result it will take some more thought and some compiler skills to complete the addition of the fixbv. The final fixbv will be amazing if we find the time / resources to implement it.


Dear Chris,

Within our organization we are using MyHDL for system modeling. For us, one of the “missing” features is a fixed point bit vector type (i.e. fixbv). For now, we did implement our own variant of the fixbv type. Although related, its different from your proposed implementation. We are happy to share the code/idea for the fixbv type, but we were wondering what would be the best way to share.



That is great, it depends how formal you want to be. On the informal side, if you have the code in a public place you can point us to it - I definitely will have interest and look over it.

A more formal approach would be to respond (comment) on the fixbv MEP, create a new MEP, or create a PR to the myhdl directory.

Excited to review what you have done.


Dear Chris,

Thanks for your reply. The modified MyHDL (basically only two files that are modified/added) are located here:

I also added an example (that should look familiar to you) to demonstrate the use case of the fixbv class and a document describing the idea.


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