GSoC week 1 roundup

The students were thrown fast and heavy into the world of open-source development in their first week. Recently MyHDL had a significant enhancement, MEP114, added to the 1.0 development branch. It was decided that the students would build their projects using the latest including the @myhdl.block decorator and the accompanying methods instead of the previous factory functions.

It makes sense the GSoC projects be based on the latest. We want a collection of high-quality examples that demonstrate the MyHDL capabilities. We don’t want the examples out of date shortly after they are finished. Major changes like MEP114 don’t occur often but this change coincided with GSoC this year.

Utilizing the latest is important, the students will be testing out the latest and greatest, providing feedback and improvements, while working with features that are the future of MyHDL. There were a couple opportunities to provide feedback to the MyHDL base. @srivatsan-ramesh uncovered possible name collision bug in the latest MEP114 implementation and submitted a test that exposes the problem.

In addition, [@mkatsimpris](( discovered a bug in the latest initial value changes, he also created a test (needs to be submitted to the myhdl repo). This test (currently in his local repo) should be added to the MyHDL test suite. It needs to be decided where these tests should be added, to the existing myhdl/test/conversion/general tests or to the myhdl/test/bugs.

@mkatsimpris, @Vikram, @sriramesh4 , @meetshah1995 have all been using the development flow outlined in the best practices, pushing code to their development branches, creating PRs to their masters (for code review) and/or PRs to the main repo that they are working from, and interacting in the community. @Ravi_Jain has made inquires on the communications channels, I haven’t heard from the others or seen any activity in the community or in their github repos or blogs this week. For those that haven’t updated their repos or blogs leave a brief summary of the work completed this last week.

This is a good start to the program lets keep it going, if you did not have reasonable effort this week make sure to provide an explanation to your mentors and me promptly.

Student week1 summary:
@mkatsimpris, last blog update 28-May, commits >5
@Vikram9866, last blog update 9-May, commits >5
@meetsha1995, last blog update 27-May, commits >5
@srivatsan-ramesh, last blog update 24-May, commits 3
@formulator, last blog update 23-Mar, commits 0
@ravijain056, last blog update 22-May, commits 0

Student and mentors tags:
@mkatsimpris, @meetshah1995, @Ravi_Jain, @sriramesh4, @vikram,
@jck, @josyb, @hgomersall, @martin, @guy.eschemann, @eldon.nelson,
@nikolaos.kavvadias, @tdillon

Links to the student blogs and repositories:

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