GSoC week 3 roundup

For some students things slowed down this week for others the pace was maintained. Students, for the most part, are becoming more familiar with the design process and the MyHDL design patterns. It is fun watching the projects evolve.

The first week it was mentioned two tests were generated that exposed possible bugs. One of the tests has been submitted as a PR to the MyHDL repository the other still needs to be PR’d to the MyHDL repository. As mentioned in the first round-up this is great exposure to the students and open-source development.

Student week3 summary (last blog, commits, PR):

health 88%, coverage 95%
@mkatsimpris: 09-Jun, >5, Y,
@Vikram9866: 03-Jun, 2, N

The students are moving onto their next blocks. The continued PRs pushed to the main repo and expansion of the tests.

health 96%, coverage unknown
@meetsha1995: 12-Jun, >5, Y

health missing, coverage missing
@srivatsan: 11-Jun, >5, N

health 57%, coverage 0%
@ravijain056, 09-Jun, >5, Y

health missing, coverage missing
@formulator, 23-Mar, 0, N

@mkatsimpris, @meetshah1995, @Ravi_Jain, @sriramesh4, @vikram,
@jck, @josyb, @hgomersall, @martin, @guy.eschemann, @eldon.nelson,
@nikolaos.kavvadias, @tdillon

Links to the student blogs and repositories:

Merkourious, @mkatsimpris: gsoc blog, github repo
Vikram, @Vikram9866: gsoc blog, github repo
Meet, @meetshah1995, gsoc blog: github repo
Srivatsan, @srivatsan-ramesh: gsoc blog, github repo
Ravi @ravijain056: gsoc blog, github repo
Pranjal, @forumulator: gsoc blog, github repo

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