GSoC week 8 roundup

There has been a little bit of a slump after the midterms
hopefully this will not continue throughout the rest of
the program :slight_smile:

The end will approach quickly.

  • August 15th: coding period ends.
  • August 15-20th: students submit final code and evaluations.
  • August 23-25th: mentors submit final evaluations.

Overall the progress being made is satisfactory. I am looking
forward to the next stage of the projects now that majority of the
implementation is complete: analysis of the designs, clean-up,
and documentation.

One topic I want to stress, a program like GSoC is very different
than much of the work that is completed by an undergrad student.
This effort is the students exposition for this period of time
(which isn’t insignificant - (doh double negative)). Meaning, the
goal isnt’ to simply show us you can get something working but you
are publishing your work to the public. Users should easily be able
to use the cores developed and the subblocks within the cores.
Developers, reviewers, contributors should feel comfortable reading
the code. The code should feel clean [1]. You (the students) are
publishing something into the public domain that carries your name
take great pride in your work: design, code, documenation, etc.

As well as the readability stated above the code should be
analyzed for performance, efficiency, resource usage, etc.
This information should be summarized in the blogs and final

Student week8 summary (last blog, commits, PR):

health 88%, coverage 97%
@mkatsimpris: 10-Jul, >5, Y
@Vikram9866: 25-Jun, >5, Y

health 96%, coverage 91%
@meetsha1995: 14-Jul, 1, N

health 94%, coverage 90%
@srivatsan: 02-Jul, 0, N

health 93%, coverage 92%
@ravijain056, 04-Jul, 2, N

health missing, 70%
@formulator, 26-Jun, 0, N

Students and mentors:
@mkatsimpris, @vikram, @meetshah1995, @Ravi_Jain, @sriramesh4,
@jck, @josyb, @hgomersall, @martin, @guy.eschemann, @eldon.nelson,
@nikolaos.kavvadias, @tdillon, @cfelton, @andreprado88, @jos.huisken

Links to the student blogs and repositories:

Merkourious, @mkatsimpris: gsoc blog, github repo
Vikram, @Vikram9866: gsoc blog, github repo
Meet, @meetshah1995, gsoc blog: github repo
Srivatsan, @srivatsan-ramesh: gsoc blog, github repo
Ravi @ravijain056: gsoc blog, github repo
Pranjal, @forumulator: gsoc blog, github repo

@forumulator, hey you have gone incommunicado again and there have been no updates in weeks.

cc: @martin, @andreprado88