GSoC week 5 roundup

The last week we had the mid-term reviews, unfortunately there was
a communication error and many of our mentors are not marked as
mentors in the GSoC system. @mentors in the future, we need to get
our reviews in 96 hours before the GSoC deadline. PSF requires
48 hours before (for review) and I require 48 hours for review.
Please be respectful of everyones time involved and don’t wait until
the last minute to do the reviews.

Consistent progress was made on the projects this week by all

Student week 5 summary (last blog, commits, PR):

health 88%, coverage 95%
@mkatsimpris: 26-Jun, >5, N
@Vikram9866: 25-Jun, >5, N

health 96%, coverage 91%
@meetsha1995: 24-Jun, >5, Y

health 94%, coverage 90%
@srivatsan: 11-Jun, >5, Y

health 87%, coverage 89%
@ravijain056, 17-Jun, 3, Y

health missing, 70%
@forumulator, 26-Jun, >5, Y

Students and mentors:
@mkatsimpris, @vikram, @meetshah1995, @Ravi_Jain, @sriramesh4,
@jck, @josyb, @hgomersall, @martin, @guy.eschemann, @eldon.nelson,
@nikolaos.kavvadias, @tdillon, @cfelton, @andreprado88, @jos.huisken

Links to the student blogs and repositories:

Merkourious, @mkatsimpris: gsoc blog, github repo
Vikram, @Vikram9866: gsoc blog, github repo
Meet, @meetshah1995, gsoc blog: github repo
Srivatsan, @srivatsan-ramesh: gsoc blog, github repo
Ravi @ravijain056: gsoc blog, github repo
Pranjal, @forumulator: gsoc blog, github repo

Minor issue, my last blog update was on 26th June, not 23 Mar (

@forumulator absolutely, thanks for the correction.