GSoC week 4 roundup

All the midterm reviews are due by the 25th, the reviews open up
next week and primary mentors are encouraged to completed the
reviews as soon as possible.

Students, try and complete your milestones by Monday :), write
a longer midterm summary blog, and in the blog if you are not on
schedule include a modified proposal with new milestones.

Student week4 summary (last blog, commits, PR):

health 88%, coverage 95%
@mkatsimpris: 15-Jun, >5, Y
@Vikram9866: 03-Jun, 5, Y

health 96%, coverage unknown
@meetsha1995: 12-Jun, 3, N

health 94%, coverage 90%
@srivatsan: 11-Jun, >5, N

health 57%, coverage 0%
@ravijain056, 17-Jun, >5, N

health missing, coverage missing
@formulator, 23-Mar, 0, N

@mkatsimpris, @meetshah1995, @Ravi_Jain, @sriramesh4, @vikram,
@jck, @josyb, @hgomersall, @martin, @guy.eschemann, @eldon.nelson,
@nikolaos.kavvadias, @tdillon

Links to the student blogs and repositories:

Merkourious, @mkatsimpris: gsoc blog, github repo
Vikram, @Vikram9866: gsoc blog, github repo
Meet, @meetshah1995, gsoc blog: github repo
Srivatsan, @srivatsan-ramesh: gsoc blog, github repo
Ravi @ravijain056: gsoc blog, github repo
Pranjal, @forumulator: gsoc blog, github repo