Conflict: print()

Yesterday I was debugging a test-bench. I do that with print-statements (old-school?). But complying with peer-pressure I use the Python 3 print(), with the parenthesis. Unfortunately MyHDL treats this as an HDL statement and complains when I want to use the end='' parameter to print on the same line.
Can I suggest, as we are breaking legacy code anyway, to rename the MyHDL print into e.g. emit?

@josyb you might want to set the category of this post to Support (or something). It might be easier to find in the future.

I wasn’t in need of support, and the other categories don’t match either?

Fair enough, I guess we need a category for Enhancement request / bug reports?

I think we came to the conclusion, that discourse would be used for enhancement discussions and github issues would be used for bug reporting. Which does this fall?

So the dilemma is: Is it an enhancement, or a bug? Or both?
Given that it is a conflict (Python 3 syntax induced), I better post it under Issues at github then?

Probably, since we enabled python3 in 0.9. But our issues are pretty unwieldy right now, it will probably get lost :slight_smile: Request that it be tagged as a bug.