Cosimulation with waveform dump


I am trying to Cosimulate my Fifo design. It always report an error like

AttributeError: ‘Cosimulation’ object has no attribute ‘name’

When checking and trying various solution, I found that it is related to the waveform trace. Like in the code below, when I comment out tb.config_sim(trace=True), the simulation works, otherwise it report the above error.

class test(unittest.TestCase):

def top(self,bench):
    dut = Cosimulation(exe,ports....)
    return dut, .....

def run_sim(self,bench):
    tb =
    tb.config_sim(trace=True)   #Code to comment out which make difference

Is waveform dump supported in Cosimulation? I am always success of downloading waveform without Cosimulation.

I did not pasted the whole code because I think those might not related. it if it is required, I can update.


Solved this cosimulation wavedump issue. The wave formdump should be actived using cosimulation simulator options rather then myhdl way. In my case I use icarus vvp with -vcd option to dump the waveform.