MyHDL Resources

I’ve updated the MyHDL Resources page with whatever new projects I could find on Github. If anyone has any new MyHDL-related tutorials/projects/tools, please add them to the page and issue a PR. Thanks!

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@devbisme thanks for updating, and reminding the community the page exists.

Glad to do it!

Kind of a shame the community doesn’t seem more vibrant. Hopefully people are still doing their own stuff but just not publishing it. I really like MyHDL. Would hate to see it fade away.

I write myhdl everyday, not in a position to publish it. In someways it sucks, I built some projects in our lab and it took off, but now I don’t have time to work on the open-source projects. I think the other primary users are in similar situation.

From an external point of view, the project is stuck.
No main page update for more than 18months (Even version 0.11 is not announced).
No MyHDL core feature/fix added to git repo for long time.

@DrPi fixes have been added, I agree slow

My error on the home page announcements, I wanted to get some feedback that all seemed good before we announced beyond the github page.

@all anyone else notice the github authentication / signin isn’t working?

No problem for me right now (I use double authentication with a Solo key).