A minor flaw when using the new API

Using Eclipse with Pylint:

    inst = top_upcounter(C_COUNT_BITS, Clk, Reset, SClr, CntEn, CountMax, Q, IsMaxMinusOne, IsMax)

gets flagged with :

Instance of 'list' has no 'convert' member (no-member)

Leaving nice red error marks everywhere …

I believe that is a flaw with the lint checker (?). The introspection is failing to recognize the return of the decorator and not the function (unless you forgot the @block).

I suspect that too, but I am using Pylint to check for PEP-8 (and plain other typos).
I managed to turn it off by setting this in .pylintrc:

# List of members which are set dynamically and missed by pylint inference
# system, and so shouldn't trigger E0201 when accessed. Python regular
# expressions are accepted.
generated-members=REQUEST,acl_users,aq_parent, convert

Probably have to add the other Block.members later too.