Issues and PRs are piling up

Our project hit a few bugs that can be fixed by some of the pending PRs, e.g. by .

With jandecaluwe the BDFL of myhdl busy with other projects, I’m wondering if there is an interim plan for reviewing PRs?
Many of them seem quite straightforward.


There is an interim plan - the core user/devs are supposed to give feedback on the PRs, once that is completed some of them will be merged - we have been dragging our feet as well.

If you want to add comments to #189 using the PR review system, it will help us identify PRs that have been reviewed and looked at. @jck will be managing the PR merges once they are reviewed.


From an external point of view, the project is almost dead :

  • No new version for more than two years.
  • Last merge is 6 months old with many PRs pending.
  • Web documentation is out of sync with git repository.

Is there a scheduled action plan ?

@DrPi Understand from an external point of view it the project looks stalled. Yes, we need a plan to release 0.10, the documentation for 0.10 is updated and online just not the what the “web” defaults to. Since the BDFL has gone incommunicado we are, slowly, adjusting.

See one of the new threads for updated information on this issue.

@cfelton I think this is very important, from an external point of view, that the project looks alive.