Pull Request Cleanup

I have been doing some work behind the scenes to get myhdl working with github actions. So far it is looking great and working. I am thinking of adding code coverage next.

I have mentioned to @josy that I would love to see the open pull requests merged or closed, so I am currently working through that.

However, the way actions are enabled is that you have to add text files into the repo (@ .github/workflows). This is a problem for Pull Requests that are already open and awaiting merge. They can’t proceed until at least this workflows directory gets added to their branch, so to proceed the branch would have to be merged with a more recent version of myhdl master to pick up these files.

At this point there are some old Pull requests I am experimenting with. I can checkout the pull request and make changes locally but it appears that I either have to have write access to the fork/branch repo to push those changes, or I have to merge the pull requests changes and current master into a local branch of my own repo and try to change the base branch of the pull request (one must be admin on the repo to do that). There is even one PR that the branch it is merging from no longer exists in the original repo, but the data is still preserved in the PR, so in that case there is nothing to push into, VHDL conversion : Add variable initialisation #254

It is a bit kludgy but a new branch and an new pull request is easier and faster.

The github cli is very powerful, it is the first time I have used it and I am impressed.

I am starting with one of the oldest PRs, Adding reversed method #207 As it is a simple enough edit. Here is a working version merged against master and running successfully on github actions:

Correction, admin, can change the target branch of a PR after it is opened, not the source branch.