A future for the MyHDL community?


If the BDFL and everyone else who have merging rights are missing for an unknown amount of time, I suggest you use DrPi’s repository either until they get back or until you decide to fork the project. The longer you wait, the messier its gonna be to get back on track.

I’m just a (somewhat inexperienced) MyHDL user who’d hate to see this project die, so I thought I’d add my opinions to the discussion.

It would be such a shame if the project dies just because two people become inactive, especially when there clearly is a community willing to submit pull requests and take the project forward.

IMHO, 7 months of no communication at all is a very long time. Had I been in your position, I think it would be a good time to consider making a fork.

I’m not trying to whip you guys into working more by the way. Just adding my two cents in the form of some opinions.

Best regards,
Joakim Nilsson


ok so this is one of the critical down-sides to github, which i’ve been mentioning for many many years but of course it really does not help because, having ridden in on the “social media craze” github is extremely popular.

personal github pages are personal. they do NOT work as TEAM pages. RepRapFirmware and Marlin Firmware are both total chaos as a result. if you do not understand this clearly, try to find the TEAM that is responsible for maintaining either of these projects. try to even find a TEAM web-site. what you will find instead is dozens of forks.

please for goodness sake everyone, please understand that if you want to develop a TEAM project please use sourceforge, savannah.nongnu.org, or set up your own fusionforge (it’s not that hard). these and alioth.debian.org are all based on the same codebase: a free software project that was originally project 1 on sourceforge, which was SPECIFICALLY designed around TEAM collaboration. it includes GROUP permissions. there are MULTIPLE ssh keys uploaded for git repository commit access. the project is organised around the PROJECT name NOT the PERSONAL USER GIT REPOSITORY.

consequently if any one person decides to stop working on the project and for whatever reason even goes to the extreme of no longer responding, even if all the other admins do not respond, sourceforge provides a mechanism to allow you to request to become a new admin. it takes a long time (deliberately) but it is possible.

in direct contrast you CANNOT request to take control of another person’s PERSONAL github page. because it is PERSONAL.

with fusionforge and derivatives you can always continue to do git pushes and pulls to github and/or personal github repositories: you can even use “git remote update” and you can even use a little-known feature of git to add two or more repository lines to the same entry in the config file.


so i’ve been around software libre for over two decadees, now. sourceforge, savannah, alioth, bitbucket, gitorious - all the quotes unpopular quotes software libre project management sites - are all based around team management. they all allow multiple people’s ssh keys to be added, all with the same commit rights, to the same repository. github does not permit this.

personally, when managing free software projects, i install gitolite3 and then, as people approach me, i add their ssh key to the repository so that they become a member of the group. it means that people need to properly coordinate… but it also means that you now have a single place for people to go to which is no longer critically dependent on a single person.