Cosimulation myhdl.vpi search path

I’ve seen example code calling “vvp -m myhdl.vpi …”

the path of myhdl.vpi is not specified, although I can run my cosimulation by specifying the path. Just wondering how to make a system wide search path for myhdl.vpi, so I don’t have to keep copying myhdl.vpi file to each workspace.

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In the the cosimulation files are copied, if you setup a path to point to the site-packages.

I personally copy the VPI to each directory, @jck, @hgomersall, or @josyb might have better suggestions.

I just started using myhdl.vpi (on Ubuntu 18.04). It seems that if I put it where system.vpi is installed vvp will find it.
sudo cp myhdl.vpi (dirname (locate system.vpi) )
Also, for me system.vpi is found at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ivl/system.vpi