GSoC '17: state-machine enhancement [updated weekly]

Hello everyone. Here I will be posting links to my weekly blog posts about my current work. I decided to do this instead of x-posting here directly due to my gists getting messed up when copying over the html. Thanks!

Post 1: The Beginning: Or My Dealings with the Block Decorator
Post 2: Understanding State Machines: Theory, HDL, and MyHDL
Post 3: The Problem of FSM scalability and the Solution of Inlined Methods
Post 4: Interruptions, Progress Report, and the TDD Approach
Post 5: Finalizing Tests, and Function Conversion Flow

Post 6: Python compiler package and the ast module

@alvihabib thanks for the well written posts and thanks for the updated schedule. Before you settle on a conversion method, you should play around with the conversion code some. @jck is our resident conversion guru, the details of the python compiler, used in the conversion, can be complicated.

You should explore the current function conversion flow and capabilities.