Cannot open some .vcd files in "Scansion" waveform viewer

Some myHDL created .vcd file cannot be opened by Scansion waveform viewer, giving an error message . However, the same .vcd file can be opened in gtkWave without any problem. I noticed that some .vcd files created by myHDL (without FSM implementation) opens in Scansion giving no error. Have anybody experience similar problem?

Error message I got opening a .vcd file is
“Failed to Open File.
The operation couldn’t be completed. Syntax Error detected at character ‘s’ at position 6 on line 14”
The link for the .vcd file is,

Hi Susantha,

I also checked your file with Impulse (an Eclipse plug-in) which correctly rendered the waveforms.
I guess the problem lies with Scansion; it doesn’t accept the string format for the state machine. In stead of $var string 2 # state $end it may expect $var real 1 # state $end.
You best talk to the scansion people …

Best regards,