MyHDL project explorer

I built a single-page web app (RepoRecon) that displays filterable, searchable, sortable tables of Github repositories that pertain to certain topics. One of the topics I selected is MyHDL.

Noticed that the dates don’t always match the date in the commit message.

Github search gives you three dates for each repo: created_at, pushed_at, and updated_at. I originally used created_at, but that placed long-running but popular repos too far down the list. Pushed_at shows when the last push occurred, but I think Github itself sometimes forces a PR because of newly-found security issues. So I finally selected updated_at which gets set whenever anything happens to the repo. This includes pushes, but also includes changes to the description or tags. It at least indicates the repo is not completely abandoned.

e.g.: one of my own GitHub repos:

This the commit message.

That last date is the correct one - I am sure I haven’t touched that repo since then


I just ran the Github search for that specific repo and this was returned in the raw data:

      "created_at": "2018-10-02T08:15:09Z",
      "updated_at": "2022-05-21T13:32:11Z",
      "pushed_at": "2018-10-02T08:29:39Z",

I looked at the repo and an issue was submitted on 05/23/2022. That’s probably what triggered the setting of the update date.