REG intialization without 'always_seq' (solved)

  • In the above link, the signal ‘t’ (at Line 20) is initialized using ‘always_seq’ decorator; which uses the ‘reset’ signal to set the initial value.

  • Is is possible to generate the Verilog/VHDL code as "reg [3:0] t = 0 ", instead of using reset signal to set the initial value.

Initial value is always supported in simulation.
It is also supported in conversion when using the last version on github.

It is not working.
I installed MyHDL using conda and pip. Did I do something wrong with installation.
Python Version : 3.6.2, MyHDL 0.9.0.

I tried with MyHDL 1.0 as well, but after conversion, the reg is defined as “reg [3:0] t” (not as reg [3:0] t = 0).

Have you used set initial_values parameter to True when converting ?
Something like :
dut_inst.convert(hdl=‘VHDL’, name=“RandomGenerator”, path="./vhdl", initial_values=True)

Thank you.

It worked with MyHDL 1.0.
Previously, I was using .covert function with MyHDL 0.9.0, that is why I was getting error.