Solve ODE(s) on FPGA

I am very new to MyHDL. I’m trying to solve some simple differential equations on a FPGA. In order to that, I need to code in VHDL. I was wondering if I can just simply code in python and convert it into VHDL using MyHDL? Will I be able to use other libraries such as scipy and others to use their integrator?

Thank you very much!


I would like to ask you that whether you have already had experience on coding synthesizable code for FPGAs or ASICs?

If you have read the documentation on MyHDL website, you should know that MyHDL does not turn arbitrary Python into silicon. As programming in other HDLs, you should have a clear mind of digital circuits you would make. MyHDL would be more friendly than VHDL, but you should still take the circuits in mind. That is to say, you should code as “synthesizable” Python code.

By the way, in my limited experience of signal processing, I have never heard of someone implemented an ODE solver directly on silicon. If the ODEs are simple enough, would you please solve it by hand first?



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Apparently some folks are working on it. E.g. Bruce Land of Cornell is doing it as course work:

I did it in the past. It wasn’t a quick task tho and was only the first round in the project. My client didn’t follow with the design.